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Dear our colleagues and stakeholders, friends, partners and beneficiaries of Kigoma Muslim Teachers Association (KIMTA). Welcome to Kigoma Muslim Teachers Association (KIMTA) official website in which you can get to know more about what the organization is all about

Historical Background

Our official name is KIMTA means KIGOMA MUSLIM TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION; We established in 2011 at Uhuru Primary School.The poor Standards of teaching and memorizing Qur'an to our community lead us into venture, Since our commencement we have been rising public awareness in memorizing Qur'an through different annual competitions.

Student Graduation


Islamic Secondary Students on their final year graduation events

Children Awards


Islamic Primary pupils who acheved to undertake the complete curricullum on their final year graduation events

Memorizing Quran


Islamic Primary pupils Forum winners of memorizing quran perfectly.

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